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Receive orders through BarTrack

Discover the flexible BarTrack delivery options: webshop integration, email, sFTP, or API. Connect your wholesale business today and start receiving more digital orders.

Receive orders the way you desire

Discover our various integration options to seamlessly incorporate BarTrack into your wholesale process. Whether you want to connect your online store, receive files via email or sFTP, or even seek a complete API integration - BarTrack can accommodate it all. Choose the method that best suits your business and receive orders the way you want them, efficiently and effortlessly.

Easily integrate your online store with BarTrack

Enhance your web store with our BarTrack integration. Customers can conveniently send their orders using BarTrack, and the order details will be seamlessly added to your online store. Customers can easily log in and place their orders with ease.

Need assistance with integrating your web store? Schedule a personal consultation with our expert team for dedicated support.

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Koppel je website aan BarTrack en laat je klanten bestellen met hun mobiel

Receive your orders as PDF attachments in your email (default)

Experience the convenience of BarTrack and start receiving your orders directly via email. Every order is carefully forwarded to the email address of your choice.

With each order, we include a detailed PDF document as standard, so you always have a clear overview of what has been ordered.


Ontvang je BarTrack bestellingen als pdf bijlage

Receive Orders in CSV Format

Speed up your order processing with BarTrack: receive orders as CSV files. This method is perfect for wholesalers who prioritize automation.

The CSV format simplifies the direct processing of orders into your system, significantly reducing processing time.

Ontvang BarTrack orders per CSV

Receive orders on your FTP server

We deliver orders directly to your FTP server, empowering you as a wholesaler to automate the entire order processing process. This eliminates the need for manual tasks, ensuring a streamlined and error-free experience. Embrace the convenience and speed of BarTrack's advanced solutions.

This efficient method ensures a smooth and error-free processing of every order. Embrace convenience and speed with BarTrack's advanced solutions.

Ontvang je BarTrack orders rechtstreeks op je FTPs server


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