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Use BarTrack to streamline your dental practice

What if you only had to log in once and could then order from multiple dental depots.

BarTrack: Your partner for efficient small goods orders

Are you a dentist looking for a simpler way to manage your practice inventory? Discover BarTrack, the solution that revolutionizes the ordering of dental consumables. With just one login, you can access all dental depots, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple accounts and orders.

BarTrack is specifically designed to meet the dynamic needs of dental practices. Whether you're placing orders individually or collaborating with colleagues, our system seamlessly adapts to your unique requirements. Experience the convenience of automatic restocking orders, ensuring you never run out of essential supplies.


Flexible Ordering for Optimal Practice Management

In the dynamic world of dental practices, the flexibility in ordering is crucial. By ordering from multiple dental depots, you reduce dependency and increase the availability of consumables. Swiftly switching between suppliers ensures continuity, especially when one depot is temporarily unable to deliver. Your practice, your choice.



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Efficient inventory management with BarTrack

Avoid delays and duplicate orders with BarTrack. Our system ensures timely orders and prevents shortages, even with limited supplies from dental depots. Easily record your receipts and choose efficient alternatives. With BarTrack, your practice will always be prepared and efficiently stocked.



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Ordering as a team, stronger together with BarTrack

Collaborating on inventory management is made easy with BarTrack. Regardless of workdays, colleagues can consolidate orders into one overview for control and shipment. This prevents duplicate orders and ensures you always have the right inventory. Efficient teamwork, streamlined orders, anytime and anywhere with BarTrack.

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Automatic Ordering

Make inventory management a breeze with BarTrack. Simply scan the barcode of order stickers upon usage, enter the quantity taken, and even organize it by room. BarTrack automatically orders more as soon as the inventory falls below your set level. Efficient, simple, and error-free.
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BarTrack for group practices and dental chains

BarTrack is perfect for dental chains or practices with multiple rooms, offering clarity and flexibility. Manage orders and inventory across locations effortlessly. Our user-friendly dashboard displays who, what, and where orders are placed, as well as inventory levels. Boost efficiency and collaboration within your chain with BarTrack, your smart inventory management partner.
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Integrations: Orderboard

Connect your Orderboard to BarTrack for streamlined ordering. Print RFID cards for each item, which are read by the Orderboard. When an assistant hangs a card on the Orderboard, the corresponding item is automatically ordered through BarTrack. An effortless, automated solution for precise ordering in your practice.


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