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Discover the power of collaboration with BarTrack integrations. Unlock enhanced functionality, increased efficiency, and endless possibilities all in one convenient overview.


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All integrations 

An overview of all the integrations that BarTrack offers, showcasing the wide range of options available.


2BA integration

Enhance your BarTrack experience with a direct connection to the 2BA database. Unlock an extensive catalog of over 28 million items, available at your fingertips. By integrating 2BA with your BarTrack account, you open the doors to easily ordering from more than 160 leading suppliers.

This seamless integration eliminates the hassle of logging into multiple online stores. Everything you need is just one click away. This connection not only provides convenience but also enhances the efficiency of your purchasing process, allowing you more time for what truly matters.

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Exact for construction (coming soon)

Discover the seamless integration of BarTrack with Exact for Construction. Manage your inventory with BarTrack Inventory Manager and automatically synchronize it with Exact's material lists. Scan items using the Exact app, assign them to projects, and book them automatically. When inventory levels are low, BarTrack orders from your preferred wholesaler. Efficient inventory management and effortless project allocation, all in one seamless integration. Save time and enhance accuracy in your project administration with this powerful connection.





Automated and intelligent: Connect your weighing cabinet to BarTrack

The integration of BarTrack weighing cabinets brings automation to your inventory management. As soon as the weight in a container drops below the minimum, BarTrack automatically places an order with your favorite supplier. Orders are executed at specified intervals, customized to meet your needs.

Manage products from various suppliers in one weighing cabinet. This intelligent integration ensures a consistent inventory, streamlines manual tasks, and optimizes the ordering process. Perfect for precise and efficient inventory management, without any worries about shortages.


BarTrack App

Manage your inventory and place orders on the go with the fully integrated BarTrack app. Enjoy seamless access to your BarTrack account anytime, anywhere, allowing you to effortlessly make orders and manage inventory from any location.

This mobile integration offers unparalleled convenience, provides constant inventory control, and enables you to quickly respond to changing needs. With the BarTrack app, efficient inventory management becomes a reality, right at your fingertips.

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BarTrack for desktop

Experience the convenience of BarTrack for desktop: always have access to BarTrack through your PC. The seamless integration with the OPN 2001 scanner is crucial. Install our software and start scanning your device immediately, without any extra steps.

Use your existing OPN 2001 effortlessly to place orders with all your favorite suppliers through BarTrack. This desktop solution combines efficiency and ease of use, ensuring that ordering and inventory management flow smoother than ever before.


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