About BarTrack


"Nothing is more dangerous than having just one idea."

- Emile Chartier, PHILOSOPHER -
Office about BarTrack

We firmly believe

... that continuous adaptation is the key to survival.

That is why we maintain a small and agile organization. BarTrack is composed of entrepreneurs and enthusiastic professionals who work diligently every day with knowledge and passion towards our original goal: to simplify and streamline the ordering and management of inventory items.


Services & Products

BarTrack Development

The core of our service. Our blue code development is remarkably fast, fully scalable, and 100% secure.

BarTrack Support

Our Support desk is digital. Logical. But of course, we are also reachable in analog ways.

BarTrack Marketing

We don't believe that a good product sells itself. That's why you'll also find BarTrack in the media. However, in a different and captivating way.

BarTrack VMI Services

We love visiting our customers in person, as that's where we learn the most. Our Vendor Managed Inventory Services are a perfect demonstration of this.

BarTrack Partner Management

The individuals who are in contact with our clients are called Partner Managers for a reason. Because we believe that you can't multiply without sharing.

BarTrack Products

The ultimate proof of our efforts. We take pride in it, but ultimately, it is the appreciation from our customers that truly matters.

The BarTrack team


Bart Grol

Fouder and CEO

Jim Rademaker

VMI Manager

Maryn van der Slikke

Sales Support
Sander hagemans profiel foto

Sander Hagemans

Marketing Manager

Juliette Jansen