More and more customers are seeking the convenience of maintaining local inventories.

Make a difference and easily manage local inventories together with your customers. Receive more digital orders.


Order with BarTrack from all these wholesalers and add new ones yourself
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Give your customer visibility into their inventory and make ordering replenishments a breeze.

Ensuring timely delivery and availability is becoming an increasingly challenging task. Gone are the days when you could rely on "order today, receive tomorrow." This calls for a change. There is a growing need to maintain local inventory to guarantee that you never run out of stock. This shift in approach from "just-in-time" to "just-in-case" ordering is crucial.

However, holding excessive inventory is not always desirable, and understandably so, as it can be costly. Efficient inventory management is the key to solving this problem. As a wholesaler, with BarTrack, you provide your customers with a comprehensive solution that can make a difference. Through this platform, you collaborate with your customers, allowing them to maintain visibility into their inventory and easily place orders.

Over 25 wholesalers have recognized the benefits and convenience of BarTrack, joining our ordering platform. Together, we offer a staggering range of over 2 million items.




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Inventory Manager: Collaboratively manage local inventories with your customers.

BarTrack's Inventory Manager offers a comprehensive solution for setting up and managing your local inventory. What sets us apart is that not only can you have a real-time view of your inventory, but you can also make adjustments yourself. The end result? An optimized inventory that leads to reduced costs and increased efficiency.


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Let us assist in organizing and managing your customer's inventory

Let us help you streamline and optimize your customer's inventory management with our comprehensive Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services. We will revamp your customer's warehouse, equip all items with barcodes, and even take over the ordering process if desired.

With our InventoryManager, your wholesale business will have a complete tool to efficiently manage local stock and streamline the customer's ordering process. The result? Lower costs for both the customer and the wholesaler.

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Ordering has never been easier.

Ordering has never been easier than simply scanning, verifying, and sending the barcode. Scan, click, done! If the customer doesn't use barcodes, there's BarTrack online: simply order from behind your desk.

All orders are digitally received by the wholesaler in this way. Fast and error-free, resulting in a pleasant reduction in processing costs.



Increase your digital orders

With BarTrack, all orders are received digitally. Orders by phone or email are simply a thing of the past.

Did you know that 80% of processing costs are caused by just 20% of the orders? Digital orders are handled quickly and accurately, resulting in satisfied customers.

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Get your hands on the e-book now

To ensure the wholesale industry thrives in the future, urgent change is necessary. This includes finding a new position in the value chain, embracing digitalization, and fostering greater innovation.

We had the opportunity to discuss this with our esteemed clients, Technische Unie, Buva, and elho. Download the e-book now to discover how these experts are implementing the necessary transformations within their organizations.


Offer real-time insights based on actual results

The importance of data in making your business more efficient is something that no longer needs explaining.

That's why BarTrack offers comprehensive statistics. Which items are being ordered by customers? How many, on which days? And, perhaps even more importantly, which items are not being ordered and can be removed from the assortment.

Relevant information that helps the wholesaler and its customers work more efficiently.

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Simplified Inventory Management

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Management of stock items

Managing inventory items begins with adding items. This can be done manually or through importing. Next, include item information and an image. Finally, set the order quantity (including minimum and maximum stock levels).

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Print Orderlabels

With BarTrack, customers have the freedom to effortlessly create and print their own barcode and QR stickers in a variety of sizes. Whether they opt for a zebra printer, Dymo label printer, or simply generate a PDF, the choice is completely up to them.


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Ordering on behalf of the customer

Many wholesalers employ a field sales force that also takes note of orders during customer visits. Taking orders on behalf of a customer is now also possible through the BarTrack App. This feature can be set for each individual customer.

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Advice based on usage

With VoorraadManager, both the wholesaler and the customer have visibility into the local inventory. Which items are ordered during a specific period? Or which ones are not ordered?

Always maintain an optimal stock level, resulting in an efficient ordering process.

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VMI Services

We offer comprehensive services in the field of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). This includes reorganizing the warehouse on-site and labeling all items with barcodes. If desired, we also take care of the (weekly) ordering process and neatly arrange the ordered items.


Download the free app or BarTrack online

Get the free BarTrack app here for scanning or BarTrack for desktop for ordering on your computer.

In our Support Portal, you'll find a wide range of templates that will help you along the way. Including templates for importing or managing your article information.


BarTrack App: Ordering on Behalf of the Customer

The field sales or sales team can now easily take orders on behalf of the customer. Simply use the app: log in as the customer, capture and send orders. Done.

The order is then immediately sent to the wholesaler and the customer receives a copy.

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Print order stickers for your customer with just one click

Printing barcode and QR stickers can be quite a hassle. But not anymore with BarTrack. Simply select the items that require an order sticker and choose the size. That's it. Order stickers can even be sent to the customer via email if desired.

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Get Your Checklist Now

The checklist provides you with an overview of all the necessary steps for a wholesaler to make products available for ordering via BarTrack and set up inventory locations for customers.


Get started in 4 easy steps

We also prioritize simplicity and convenience in the way you can get started with BarTrack. You'll only need to follow 4 clearly defined steps, and then BarTrack will be ready for use. 

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"In practice, a disadvantage of a B2B webshop is the requirement of internet access. Fortunately, with BarTrack, that is not necessary."

Anne van Maanen, the mastermind behind Elho's constant improvement,