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We are Rubix

Equipped with technical expertise and a profound understanding of customers, our robust network of 8,000 designers and implementers has the power to transform the delivery of industrial products and solutions across Europe, enabling our clients to continuously grow their businesses.


You can easily identify our team members by their distinctive behavior.

  • Anticipating customer needs
  • Delivering cutting-edge products and solutions
  • Creating value through technical and advanced services


  • Constantly Anticipating
    • With our team of technical advisors and on-site experts located in every corner of Europe, we establish closer connections with our customers, proactively anticipating and fulfilling their ever-changing needs.
  • Innovation is the key to progress.
    • Our teams of specialized advisors are encouraged to break away from standard approaches and provide customized advanced solutions that enable our clients to modernize and further develop their businesses.
  • Fresh Perspective on Knowledge
    • We foster a continuous flow of knowledge within our portfolio of companies, connecting our teams and customers. By sharing technology, innovation, and best practices, we constantly challenge what we know and enhance our expertise.


Close to our customers, no matter where they are. Our size brings numerous advantages:

  • Purchasing power through supplier relationships
  • Ability to cover the customer's footprint
  • Leveraging our expertise and diverse product offerings through cross-selling
  • Combining forces to develop digital and exclusive brand capabilities.
  • Lower inventory and storage costs

Our range of digital procurement solutions, combined with our highly trained sales staff, specialists, and technical experts, make it easier for you to do business with us.

With our Multi-Brand Product Assortment, you can rely on us to have the product you desire, when you need it.

Our Technical Competence Centers provide you with the corresponding Up-Time Services.

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